Newly NFPA-Credentialed Paralegals Being Recognized by a Local Association


As described by NFPA, if you have successfully passed a paralegal certification exam, such as NFPA's PCCE® or PACE®, you are "certified."  This certification confers a credential which you put after your name, such as Jane Doe, RP®.  Maintaining that credential requires submitting proof of ongoing Continuing Learning Education  (CLE) biannually, including ethics, keeping your address current with the organization that issued the credential, and paying the biannually fee for renewal.  These credentials can be verified  by contacting the issuing organization. 

The American Bar Association also published an article on this topic, which can be found in this hyperlinked document: American Bar Association's document on paralegal certification. 

NFPA Military Credentialing Initiative

In support of the NFPA Military Credentialing initiative, the Paralegal Education Group, LLC offers a 7-week online review programs for the Paralegal Core Competency Exam or PCCE® to all active service members for a discounted registration rate of just $99/person. The review program is available to start anytime, and the materials are organized to work around the schedule of each individual student. During the course, each student will receive 24/7 faculty access for support and virtual one-on-one consultations. For more details, click here or contact PEG at info@paralegaleducationgroup.com.

This program is available to both active-duty military and their spouses in the US and world wide duty stations.

You can also register here.

Want to learn more about the certifications offered by NFPA? Click here!

For questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Armed Forces Programs and Resources, please contact Linda Odermott, RP®, OCP, NFPA Armed Forces Coordinator, at armedforces@paralegals.org.

Paralegal Certification Through NFPA

Each state's regulations are unique and employers' requirements vary widely due to the many kinds of work that paralegals can do.  So how do you make yourself stand out as an exceptional paralegal? One way is by earning a credential which is widely recognized in the field.  

NFPA offers two credentialing exams:

  • The Paralegal CORE Competency Exam® establishes your education has prepared you for many types of paralegal work and helps you stand out from others whose schooling and experience are otherwise similar.  Those who have passed the PCCE may proudly display the CRP™ designation after their name.

  • The Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam® (PACE®) is for those with not only a comprehensive education in paralegal studies but also years of practical experience.  Earning the RP® designation by passing the PACE Exam shows that you are one of the best in the field!

There are also other paralegal credential exams offered nationally by NALA, NALS and others. Click on this hyperlinked document to see a Comparison of National Level Paralegal Certification Exams. (PDF from April 2014)

Focus on the PCCE 

The Paralegal CORE Competency Exam™ (PCCE™) was developed to assess the knowledge, skills and ability of early-career and entry-level paralegals. This exam is currently the only one offered nationally that does not have an experience requirement in order to be eligible to take the exam. 

The candidate handbook is available to download from NFPA as a PDF. For full details about the exam or to apply to take the PCCE by clicking the button below.


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