Judge Advocate General's Association of Legal Professionals

The Judge Advocate General Association of Legal Professionals was formed to provide and promote a spirit of cooperation, friendship, and tradition among our members who represent the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of all military service branches. We strive to encourage and recognize significant accomplishments of our members and to advocate improved leadership and development of military paralegal Soldiers and legal paraprofessionals. The Association shall enhance the image of the JAG Corps and hold in the highest esteem the ethics, morals, standards, and traditions of the United States Military and JAG Corps. We seek every opportunity to advance, foster and promote legal paraprofession!

The Association holds an Annual Reunion and Meeting, near large military installations all over the United States. Every three years we return to Charlottesville, VA, the home of the United States Army JAG Corps and the location where it “all” got started.

The Association is an outstanding networking organization for contacts all over the United States and Overseas. Retiring NCOS have POCs in the DOJ, VA, SJA offices and many other Local, State and Federal positions.

The Association publishes an Annual Newsletter and Member’s Directory.

The Association recognizes the Distinguished Honor Graduates at the 27D Non-Commissioned Officers Academy for each Senior Leadership Course (SLC) or ANCOC and Advance Leadership Course (ALC) or BNCOC. They receive s $25 cash award. An Association Member attends the NCOA graduations, held at the Legal Center and School, Charlottesville, VA.

The Association recognizes the SGT Eric L. Coggins Award of Excellence Winner, the Top NCOs of the JAG Corps, with a $100 cash award, the Army NCO Saber and Saber Stand, supported by additional donations from NCOs of the JAG Corps.

The Association recognizes the Top Paralegal NCO and SPC of the Year winners from SJA Offices of Major Commends around the world, with a $25 check.

The Association Members are frequently asked to be guest speakers at the 27D NCOA Graduations and 27D AIT Graduations, which is now located at Fort Lee, VA.

The Association Membership is always ready and prepared to assist its members and nonmembers of the JAG Corps when tragic events and illnesses occur. We send Cards, Flowers, Emails and Visit when we can. A phone call from a friend is always special; “We Are Family”

The Association and its Membership assist local SJA offices when needed.The Association supports and contributes to the Legal Center and School Alumni Association in support of Regimental SGM John A. Nicolai’s Leadership Lecture Program. The Association continues to support Gilmore Hall, the NCO HaIl located at the Legal Center and School in honor of our fallen comrade and friend Regimental SGM Cornell W. Gilmore, KIA Iraq,2003.

The Association is growing and going places……..

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